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"The Strength of a team
is each individual member.
the strength of each member
is the team"

Phil Jackson

Coaching & Mentoring

You Deserve to Win!

Why New Diggs Coaching Team? 

New Generation of technology, New Diggs and a brand New Way of doing Real Estate. Simply put: Our Program is completely different than the traditional OUTDATED coaching and team model programs. We are here to help you learn to NEVER knock on a door again, to run YOUR business like a business and to make Real Estate a genuine career that YOU love to do. We get into the fight with you instead of just coaching on the sidelines. Meaning our Real Agents are the players, our coaches are the coach and we ALL are in the game together.  You know; Like how a TEAM is suppose to be. 

Rows of Pillars

7 Pillars

of Realtor Success

Most Real Estate agents get wrapped up in the everyday transaction and stay working "in the business" instead of "on the business". Our program solely focuses on 7 main categories or Pillars of your Real Estate business; Marketing, Networking, Prospecting, Selling, Strength training, Teamwork (including coaching) and Sphere of Influence. However, our methods and program teaches to do it all from your devices, the definition of smarter NOT harder. Helping you to learn how to let the systems of technology work for you even while you are sleeping. New Diggs Coaching Team is truly about helping you become your best version.  


Program Curriculum

Our Success Coaching Plan comes with our New Diggs Real Estate Career Curriculum. This Program Curriculum will set your career to either launch or relaunch for complete success. The program is primarily designed to implement and build or rebuild the foundational tools you need to succeed in your real estate career within your first 90 days. We do this by coaching you and holding you accountable on our 7 pillars intensely.

Done Deal


Accountability Coaching

Simply put, we know Coaching! Yes, Our Team is built like a team. In which our Real Estate agents are the players, our coaches are the coaches and we are all in the game to win together. At most elite levels in business and sports, it's not talent that sets the individual apart from one another; it's the coaching they receive that makes the difference. New Diggs Coaching Team works together as a team and conducts Bi-Weekly small group accountability sessions. These sessions are to keep the Team Member on track, staying focus and motivated to hit their career goals continuously. The accountability sessions are 30-minutes every other week.

Monday Mastermind

Start your week off strong and get in the right mindset for productivity and success. Is your production where you want it to be? If you had New Diggs Coaching Team teaching you, every week, the critical steps required for building your production and your income … would you listen?

Here’s how it works …

Every Monday morning at 09:00am EST, New Diggs Coaching Team will spend 55 minutes with you and your group on a very intense Real Estate Sales, Mindset topics, Sales Scripts straight-to-the-point pieces of advice for your real estate career.


Whats Included

(3) 55mins Mastermind Accountability Sessions Monthly

Mid-Week Huddle Calls

Bi-Weekly Accountability Group Session

Access to Agent Coaching Portal

Real Estate Materials and Trainings

Multiple Listing Presentations

Home Buying Packets

Real Estate Checklists

Buyer Presentations, Lead Generation Scripts, Sales Scripts 

Mastermind Group Sessions

7 Pillars of Realtor Success

New Diggs Coaching Team will be available to assist the Team Member(s) from Monday - Friday between 9:00AM EST to 7:00PM EST by email, text, coaching portal and phone. NDCT may also be available for additional time, per request from the Team Member.

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